The Solarbus Legacy


Farms had become dry and barren outside the city without power that had been deserted after the economic and social collapse brought about by the depletion of the world’s oil reserves.
In the wake of the catastrophe, just a relatively few fortunate survivors possessed a Solarbus. They lived in a Cluster on the outskirts of the city. A cruel futuristic society had formed, leaving the rest of the survivors wretched, scavenging wanderers, feared, but ignored by Solarbus Society citizens, who called them Terfs.
Jeff Parke and his wife, Eva, and their eighteen-year-old daughter, Clarissa, are privileged Solarbus inhabitants. Because Jeff knows he has no right to be in Solarbus Society, he is seeking a promotion at his job with Computers, hoping it will give him status and security. A friend becomes a deadly rival for the same position, as he tries to expose Jeff’s status. Jeff’s wife, Eva, is unhappy as a confined Solarbus wife who wants evidence that Jeff loves her, suspecting that he may have another distraction. Clarissa faces with dread her duty to marry and become a Solarbus wife, when all she wants is freedom. The penalty for not adhering to the rules of the governing Corporation is banishment.
One day, as they are going about their daily routine, a Terf kidnaps Clarissa. Following after the Solarbus that is carrying their daughter away, they are lured to the Terf’s mountain encampment. There they uncover a sinister plot for revenge and justice. The lifelong harbored secrets are revealed, including, most tragically, the deeds their parents had committed a generation ago that forges a profound effect upon their lives.
A thoroughly entertaining novel that weaves elements of action, adventure, romance, and mystery. The Solarbus Legacy is sure to appeal to anyone looking for a riveting work of futuristic fiction.

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  1. Thank you for your interest. I can’t say whether I’d want the theme you are talking about until I see it. I looked at the nuttythemes on the link you furnished and don’t know what I’m supposed to do with so many themes possible.

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